REGAP - Redevelopment, Revitalization, Environmental Greening, Aviation Program

The main goal at African American Space Guild (AASG) is eradication of homelessness through education.

We are among many organizations on the ground level of assisting poverty stricken communities to rebuild. We have begun to attack them on the fronts necessary to eradicate these problems through education, housing and jobs. These are the things that are lacking in the affected communities, a solid foundation, and a chain with the links in it. We have in essence the plan to cure this ill, there are programs that address one need or another but none that addresses the heart of the matter.

At the Guild, we educate on the properties donated to us; through the REGAP program we offer on the job training for participants in the program. Our goal is to rebuild the communities with the assistance of the community.

REGAP is defined on five goals 1) education, 2) self-confidence, 3) rebuilding the community, 4) learning to communicate 5) skill development. Each of these goals is of great need in our targeted areas. Our nation is filled with dreams that are attainable through the pursuit of further knowledge. We have implemented various programs under the umbrella of REGAP that focuses on the mission of AASG.

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