African American Space Guild (AASG) is a non-profit organization serving the underprivileged neighborhoods. We are a service provider of education, a grass roots organization that operates in Illinois, whose primary goal is the dissemination of knowledge to the disadvantaged communities.

The main goal of AASG is education.  Education through many facets encompassing the interworking of our programs. We are placing our highest priority on the millions of people living in abject poverty-  and providing viable resources through education that will give them the ability to become self-sufficient in their community.  Taking pride in their community, their space.  As in our name “Space” means- creating a space for societies’ forgotten many. We take a boot’s on the ground approach to the critical needs facing individuals and families by addressing the basic problems confronting them. Our vision is to build thriving self-sustaining and thriving communities, which will lead America into a new age where all will have access to not only basic needs but also the ability to prosper in our new technological based society.

AASG is seeking your assistance in changing these communities into thriving, positive communities. It is through AASG that we wish to open up opportunities and minds. Through REGAP- Redevelopment, Revitalization, Environmental Greening Program, your donation can help the communities to become vital and vibrant. Your donation makes a huge impact in their lives because it rids communities of abandoned buildings that are riddled with drug paraphernalia and broken glass; breeding grounds for disaster for the young and old alike. The impact of your donation is at work seeing the communities filled with beauty, hope and children playing outside on a beautiful sunny day.

The African American Space Guild’s family (the community, staff, volunteers and supports and investors) is dedicated to the rebuilding of under-privileged communities. Providing housing, education, jobs, and the ability to see and know that WE are on their side, that WE are out there making a difference to give them a chance to become productive individuals, to lend a helping hand in rebuilding, rebranding and becoming self-sufficient.

Let us keep giving to keep rebuilding, all donation appreciated.

Thank you for your generous support.

Please click on the donation button at top left of screen to make a donation.  If you prefer to write a check(s), make it payable to African American Space Guild, mailing address 621 E. 155th Street, Phoenix IL 60426.