Redevelopment/Revitalization/Environmental Greening/Aviation Program (REGAP).

Our project is the REGAP of disadvantaged, economically stressed areas.  We take housing, discarded, abandoned, foreclosed or in otherwise disrepair and return them to viable permanent housing for low to moderate income families, the disabled, veterans and those facing homelessness on an onging basis.  At the Guild, we also educate on the properties donated to us.  Through the REGAP program we offer on the job training for participants in the program.  These individuals are selected from trade schools, junior colleges and the neighborhood of our current project.  Our goal is to rebuild the communities one building at a time with the assistance of the community.

REGAP is defined on five goals:

1) education

2)rebuilding the community 

3) self-assurance

4) empowerment

5) development

Each of these goals is of great need in our target areas.  Our nation is filled with dreams that are attainable through the pursuit of further knowledge.  However, for people who represent communities that are at a grave disadvantage the pursuit of greater knowledge remains a dream, until now with the assistance of AASG.

Volunteers needed for on going projects






AASG is putting a call out to people in need of housing across the country. Follow us for program opening date on our social media sites.