It is the belief of this organization, African American Space Guild (AASG) that everyone should have the advantage of obtaining knowledge available to them from all areas.  AASG has set out to take on this plight in helping the disadvantaged communities around the United States understand the relationship of redevelopment/revitalization/environmental greening and aviation (REGAP).  

We are a grass roots organization that operates in Chicago Illinois, whose primary goal is the dissemination of knowledge to the African American/disadvantaged community as it pertains to REGAP.  From our humble beginnings, we seek to change the vast desolate waste lands (our community) that are lacking access to the knowledge that will change them into viable, thriving self-contained units able to function on not just one but many levels.

AASG’s goal is to impart knowledge on the effect of REGAP.  We are geared to promote knowledge on the aspect of why disadvantaged people have a lack of knowledge and or interest in development, seeing as Earth’s population is looking towards colonization beyond Earth’s space.    

Before we can give focus on other planets, we have to be able and become knowledgeable on how to sustain a cleaner and healthier environment where we live.  AASG will make available to the disadvantaged, seminars and workshops containing information to help rectify what we view as major problems among those disadvantaged assuring a healthy positive ascent into the future.   Through this program we hope to spark the interest in these fields of knowledge, inspiring the young and old alike to look at what new endeavors are facing them and to help them move towards the future, the future of living with what isn't  familiar, but what is readily available and the future of living beyond Earth.

REGAP-Redevelopment/Revitalization/Environment Greening/Aviation Program is defined on five goals:

          1.  Education

          2.  Rebuilding the community

          3.  Self-assurance

          4.  Empowerment

          5.  Development