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African American Space Guild is a non-profit organization serving the underprivileged neighborhoods.  We are a service provider of education.  We are a grass roots organization that operates in Chicago Illinois, whose primary goal is the dissemination of knowledge to the African American/disadvantaged community as it pertains to redevelopment/revitalization/environmental greening/aerospace/aviation. 

Our first focus is to stem the tide of murder that is rampant in the African American community throughout Chicago and U.S.A.  Our plan while simplistic in nature has various complexities to revalue the communities along with the county's new plan for redevelopment.  Our organization is at the forefront to assist and educate the individuals, the community of those in need. 

AASG is seeking your assistance in changing desolate communities into thriving, positive communities.  Putting our African American Youths into fields of knowledge that will carry them into their future of greater endeavors.  It is through AASG that we wish to open up opportunities and minds. Through our REGAP programs, the youths of the communities will work and learn while rebuild a future neighbor's home.  In order to be the driving force to develop our program for the nation, we are in need of financial assistance, your donations will be used to further our mission and our programs.  Any and all donation are appreciated. 

Thank you.


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